Jacob’s Travels – Reviewed by the Jewish Book Council

JacobsTravelsCoverMy book, Jacob’s Travels, was reviewed by Anne Dublin for the Jewish Book Council. Here’s a snippet from the review:

Carol Racklin-Siegel, a textile artist who paints on silk, has used this medium to effectively enhance and extend the meaning of the text. Greengard and Racklin-Siegel have previously published other Bible stories with EKS: The Tower of Babel, Rebecca, Noah’s Ark, and Lech Lecha. Let’s hope they continue this superb partnership.

You can read the full review over on the Jewish Book Council’s website.

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Let My People Go Reviewed in the Jewish Journal

let_my_people_go_cover.inddHere’s a review of Let My People Go, reviewed in the Jewish Journal by Lisa Silverman.

The original biblical story of Moses, slavery, Pharoah and the exodus of the Jews from Egypt is suitably translated for children in this beautiful paperback adaptation. The English translation is placed below the large-type Hebrew text, and the colorful accompanying artwork is outstanding. All the titles in this series of Bible stories for children, including stories such as “In the Beginning,” “The Tower of Babel,” “Rebecca,” “Noah’s Ark,” “Lech Lecha,” “Jacob’s Travels,” “Joseph the Dreamer” and “The Brave Women Who Saved Moses,” feature full-color reproductions of beautiful silk paintings that enhance the text. The imaginative depiction of the Ten Plagues is especially noteworthy. At the back of the book, each title includes a literal translation of the biblical Hebrew and a useful glossary in both English and Hebrew.

Here’s the original review in the Jewish Journal. Please visit my publisher EKS Publishing to purchase Let My People Go.

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